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Bible Study With English

This is part three of a series of posts on the range of English speaking and writing classes and groups that meet regularly at the Jesus Centre.

For this post I spoke to Judith Hunt who runs a weekly group known as Bible Study With English. This interview explores how the group benefits non-Christians and investigates it’s complimentary niche in the Jesus Centre’s range of English teaching classes.

NJCB: Hi, thanks for your time. Where did the idea for the Bible Study with English group come from?
JH: Seeing how high demand was for our ESOL classes inspired me to start a group for Christians to learn English with us, and I actually had the idea for a few years before finally deciding to make it happen. Having a former teacher on the team helped us know how to start a constructive group.

NJCB: If I was visiting Bible Study With English for the first time, describe to me what I’d find.
JH: A friendly little community. We’re a small, informal friendship group who enjoy meeting together in the Jesus Centre to learn and help one another.

NJCB: Isn’t it just for Christians? Do non-Christians really get on with using the bible as a study tool?
JH: Originally we thought it would just be for Christians, but we’ve been surprised by how many non-Christians appreciate learning English through reading the bible and are keen to participate and interested in discussing what we read while learning.

NJCB: What do you enjoy most about the group, what’s been most fulfilling?
JH: The group is a relaxed, open and informal forum. As we teach and learn members are free to discuss spiritual stuff without any worries about putting each other off by being pushy!

Bible study English class

NJCB: Can you give us any examples of ways in which the group has helped people, things they can now do in everyday life through being part of the group?
JH: Quite a few people in our group also attend ESOL too, so we’re part of the bigger picture of teaching English. However, because of our small size and flexible format we can work at a pace suitable for people who aren’t able to keep up with the formal ESOL course. As well as members of the group gaining confidence in their English language one of the ways I’ve seen the group work is by supporting one another through prayer- whether that’s for housing, transport, personal struggles or a job. In fact, members of the group often ask for prayer even if they’re not ‘formally’ Christian themselves. One Chinese couple went back to China inspired by the group and keen to bring what they’d seen among us back to Churches in China.

An evening for non-english speakers who want to improve their English and find friendship in an informal setting, whilst studying the bible.
The group of eight meets every Wednesday evening from 7:30pm – 9:00pm, led by Judith & team.
Open to (and popular with) non-Christians.


English for Speakers of Other Languages

ESOL class studying

This is part two of a series of posts on the range of English speaking and writing classes and groups that meet regularly at the Jesus Centre.

English for Speakers of Other Languages is a fifteen week course for those whose first language is not English.

Humble Beginnings

It all started with occasional one-to-one sessions in our small Jesus Centre Pilot Project and has since ballooned to the over-subscribed classes we hold now. This has been largely down to the word-of-mouth recommendations of our students to others in their communities and friendship groups, who are often from similar ethnic backgrounds to themselves.

Fuang pictured after passing the 'Life in the UK' test, with study help from the Jesus Centre

The Jesus Centre’s ESOL teaching follows a formal routine allowing us to provide fully accredited City & Guilds exams to all students. There are roughly 30 – 50 people that attend our ESOL classes each year with over 250 people estimated to have been through the course since it first started. In the last four years we put 25 students through City & Guilds exams with all but one passing all the units.

It Works

Our biggest problem now is how to meet capacity.

It’s amazing to think of the mobility afforded when people start to pick up confidence in speaking the national language. It all helps finding a job, asking questions, shopping, and getting help from agencies. Several students have been very grateful for receiving citizenships, made possible by their grasp of English. Last year an outside tutor who helped us to teach English in the past, a Hindu herself, referred one of her Hindu English students to us as she wanted to become a Christian.

The Jesus Centre has helped other Churches to set up free ESOL classes, who have then gone on to help other Churches in the same way.

Jenny Berisford, one of the ESOL tutors who runs our ‘Talk English’ class shares her experience:

I really enjoy working as a volunteer at the Jesus Centre.
Since we started the’ Talk English’ group I have met many people from other countries and made lots of friends. I’ve also learned some new skills myself. Its great to see the visitors to the group gaining confidence and learning how to speak ‘everyday’ English, such as what to say when going shopping, catching a train, ordering food in a café etc.
There’s quite a family atmosphere among the group and we sometimes cook together or share some food that’s typical of our country or culture. Visitors sometimes also receive prayer and join in weekend events.
We have a lot of fun, and there’s sometimes tears when someone tells their personal story.

English Class cooking

Students enjoy sharing cultural cooking

ESOL classes meet twice on Thursdays:10:15 – 12:12 and 1:30 – 2:30
Fully accredited City & Guilds qualifications are available
There are two levels, with sixteen people in each group, now led by Bill, Elaine and their helpers
The ESOL course runs for up to two years with twelve week terms to reach pre- O Level grade

For more info on what’s on at the Jesus Centre visit our daily ‘What’s on’ diary or see our range of activities.

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