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Artist Exhibition: Colin Veitch

flower screen print

Colin in his studioFrom Monday 10th January to 28th February 2014 Colin Veitch will be exhibiting ‘Plants, Places and Pets’, a mixed media prints and painting exhibition.

The show will consist of screen prints, collographs, monoprints and dry point prints, an oil and some acrylics.

Colin told us a little about his history and experience:

1969-1980 Theatre ‘’set and costume design career’’ began at the Connaught in Worthing in two weekly repertory and ended at The Royal National Theatre, London via a stint with the BBC Television at Pebble Mill studios in Birmingham;  Basil Brush show, The Brothers, Pebble Mill at One just a few of the many thousands of productions I painted.

The next ten years saw me grafting  in the world of feature films; hiring theatrical props for dressing sets from Out of Africa, Passage to India, Raiders of the Lost Ark to several James Bond features.

With the dawn of the 1990s the film industry in the UK was in the doldrums, a change of direction was required and I became a Civil Servant with The British Council  Contemporary Art Collection in visual Arts Division, based in London. This was until along came a position with a company called John Lewis Partnership who sought a Social Secretary 1996-2013. Here, I arranged the social activities for Partners (employees) from trips abroad to local football matches to major corporate events such as Seaside Special-hiring a steam train running from London’s Victoria station to Weymouth in 2006 or buying out one of London’s West End Theatres – musical Mary Poppins. Everything was heavily subsidised and Partners paid a fraction of the real costs. It’s true John Lewis Partners get superb benefits however very few of them actually take up the generous offers.

I retired in March of this year and returned to my love, painting. I have spent the year either demonstrating my painting techniques in HobbyCraft venues at Northampton , Milton Keynes and Stevenage or lecturing to the Women’s Institute. My art portfolio has developed this year, as I have attended several print study courses the Curwen at Chilford Hall in Cambridgeshire. I will be continuing these studies into 2014.

Full but empty studio Chris Veitch


Social Art Scene

Social Art Scene

Fridays from 7.30pm – 10.00pm

A free and easy night, all welcome.

An evening for artists, musicians and those interested to network, give presentations, show work, artist in residence, make music (jammin’) and generally, just hang out.

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2013 dates are:

11th January
22nd February
5th April
3rd May
7th June
19th July
16th August
6th September
25th October
22nd November

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Circle Cafe, Jesus Centre
Abington Square,
Northampton NN1 4AE

For more details call 0845 166 8202 or ask in person at the Jesus Centre Info Desk.

July’s Artist exhibition – Light And Movement

Exhibiting this month at the Northampton Jesus Centre’s Circle Café is Kate Harrison, an artist with a brilliantly fresh and experimental style.

Kate Harrison is a 26 year old artist from Northamptonshire, UK who has exhibited works nationally. She is an experimental and multidisciplinary artist, working with a variety of media including painting, photography, printmaking, textiles and film installations. She studied Fine Art BA at Leeds Metropolitan University, 2008.

Recently she has taken inspiration from the movement of light and made pieces on nerves, especially synapses, using a range of materials and methods.


Chronicle & Echo article – Painting to ease pain

Kate’s videos on Vimeo

Quality Quilting – June’s Circle Café Exhibition

Quilting artist Andrea Somogyi writes about her inspiration for this month’s Circle Café art exhibition.

I have always been interested in crafts. The range is quite wide from knitting through origami to decorating Easter eggs, and my latest discovery is cardmaking.

I started to make quilts about 12 years ago when Verna – an American lady who came to Hungary (where I lived) as a missionary with her husband – introduced me to patchwork and eventually led me to faith in Jesus.

I was fascinated by the variety of colours and patterns of fabrics. I started to use what I found in my mum’s rug bag, later enjoyed browsing in fabric shops. That’s how my bed cover got bigger and bigger.

Later I found the techniques and styles overwhelming. Everyone can find their favourites. Country life is especially close to my heart, a great source of inspiration to me but many times I just come across a fabric and an idea is born in my head.

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April’s Stunningly Intricate Art Exhibition

Detail from 'sophie'

Close up detail of 'Sophie'

Art and poetry converge to create stunningly intricate artwork at the hands of Jamie Poole.

The piece above, called ‘Sophie’, is made of thousands of lines of poetry. Individual strands of hair are single lines of poem, while one of her eyes could contain a whole stanza. Click the large image above to see the incredible detail in full.

Jamie was born in Northampton and now teaches art at Northampton School for Girls. In recent years he has been an active member of the arts event known as ‘Open Studios’ in Northamptonshire and has produced commissioned works for private clients.

He has exhibited widely around the UK with mainly landscape paintings and a hand printed ‘Landscape Sofa’ in his portfolio, but April sees his landscapes and poetry collage artworks coming to the Northampton Jesus Centre’s Circle Café. ‘Sophie’ will be the centrepiece of this exhibition.

Painting with poems

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Visit poetsandartists.com for more on Jamie Poole’s work.
Of course, you can come and see this piece and many others by the Artist for yourself in the Circle Café and the vestibule exhibition space on Wednesday and Friday evenings and most Saturday mornings.

March Circle Café Exhibition

Artwork - When the Saints go marching in

Yvonne Bell‘s dramatically rich artwork is set to feature as the Circle Café‘s March exhibition.

Her canorously vivid creativity is infused with stories of faith that give her work a unique edge, a far cry from any stereotypes of Christian art as insipid and clichéd.

Yvonne wasn’t given the best start in art at school. Being taught art in a Roman Catholic school Yvonne was told she wasn’t talented enough to be an artist; they recommended she should just teach art instead! Furthermore, her interest in art as an expression of faith was discouraged as art was seen as a purely secular pursuit; art was “unchristian” and art and faith should not mix, she was told.

After a full conversion experience a minister recommended she join the Anglican Church because of their openness to artists. There Yvonne discovered stained glass windows and their rich cultural heritage of the exploration of faith through art.

Yvonne’s first venture into making her own art started with a two-year college design course. She asked a friend to give her a title for a painting, and her friend’s response was “urban mission”. Initially puzzled by the title another friend pointed her to Isaiah 61:1-3, and her first painting took shape.

Artwork - Urban Mission

Urban Mission

Her design project became a spiritual adventure. However, her college disliked it as they said it was “pushing a message”. Christian art is still not accepted in many galleries.

As Yvonne explains, the professional art establishment loves impressionist art but often fails to tell meaningful stories. Artists can charge vast amounts for art that shocks but doesn’t enrich. We’ve all heard a friend or stranger bemoan what the art establishment calls ‘great art’, with the public often estranged from the frivolous fashions of modern art. The colour that faith can add to art can be perceived as more virtuous than extortionate market ‘values’ endowed by the auctions of art fashion. Art that is filled with depth and meaning demands engagement.

Yvonne’s art is enjoyed by a few well-known people, including the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams and the Archbishop of York John Sentamu, for whom she is also a vestment dresser.

Colour copies of her artwork are used in schools to teach RE, and they adorn the walls of theological students’ studies. She has also illustrated various Christian books, gives talks on Christian art, silk painting, vestments and icons. A number of her banners have been featured in books and on TV, including a few recently filmed episodes of ‘The Bill’.

Why not pop into the Circle Café for a coffee and to browse the whole exhibition for yourself?

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To see more of Yvonne’s artwork visit www.yvonnebell.co.uk and if you’d like to buy prints go to christian-art.vpweb.co.uk.

December’s Circle Café Art


Continuing the Jesus Centre Circle Cafe’s well established practice of hosting interesting artwork from local artists December sees an installation from Esther Ross.

Résumé from the artist

The particular project on show was part of last year’s A-Level exam project entitled ‘Elderly People’. My aim in the project was to explore more than just portraiture but the life stories, experiences and thoughts of some of our ‘elderly people’ to understand where their place in society is and why it isn’t more prominent.

I was inspired by a newspaper article written by the former Government Voice of Older People entitled ‘Who Cares?‘ who likened poverty, isolation, discrimination, injustice and neglect to the five evil giant that William Beveridge laid out in the 1942 plan for national social insurance.

The shocking way that ageing people are treated in society was a main issue I wanted to raise in my work, alongside showing the importance of their wisdom and the value of their input.

In terms of technique, I worked mainly in oils and collected many reference images from different people’s pasts to incorporate into the artworks. I looked at using ceracole to transfer images to canvas to recreate the diaphanous and fading quality of memories in the background.

Why not pop into the Circle Café for a coffee and to browse the whole exhibition for yourself?

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