In Celebration of Alcohol Awareness week

ImageThis week is Alcohol Awareness week. Last week I was meeting with one of our Group leaders who has been ‘dry’ over 15 years and now co-leads an alcohol recovery & support group called Stay Dry Be Free once a week, to support people on their journey to freedom from alcohol addiction. We talked about the additional support we could make available to both visitors and volunteers at this time of year when in every supermarket and newspaper there are adverts for cheap alcohol for the Festive season.

The next day I popped in to take some publicity shots in  our Art group which is co-lead by a volunteer who’s been ‘dry’ for over 8 years. He introduced me to a new visitor who is just a week into detox & had come to keep herself busy and had heard about the group from a friend. It was particularly important to her that one of the leaders would have walked the path she had started and would understand the struggles she was going through as she attempted to face life without the alcoholic haze.

ImageThis morning one of our cafe helpers is volunteering as part of her recovery programme. Tomorrow another of our Cafe volunteers  will have been ‘dry’ nearly 6 years.

Nicci came into our drop in one evening, a bit the worse for wear and desperate to find some hope and a way forward for her life. She went back to one of our community homes which was for single women only. There she found friends and the support and encouragement to help her stop drinking. 3 years later, she returned briefly as a member of staff and last year joined our volunteer team. She helps out on our Info Desk, in Step up and more recently the cafe. Volunteering is a way of giving something back.

Image” I’m very thankful God delivered me from alcoholism”  declares Nicci’s Face Book status at the start of Alcohol Awareness week.

If you or someone you know is having problems with alcohol and you are concerned you can pop in to our “Stay Dry be free group on Thursdays 12-1pm or pop in to our Info Desk and ask to speak to someone confidentially.

Both Alcoholics Anonymous & Al Anon offer support for those directly affected by alcohol abuse. You can look up your local group on the web or in Yellow pages.


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