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Quality Quilting – June’s Circle Café Exhibition

Quilting artist Andrea Somogyi writes about her inspiration for this month’s Circle Café art exhibition.

I have always been interested in crafts. The range is quite wide from knitting through origami to decorating Easter eggs, and my latest discovery is cardmaking.

I started to make quilts about 12 years ago when Verna – an American lady who came to Hungary (where I lived) as a missionary with her husband – introduced me to patchwork and eventually led me to faith in Jesus.

I was fascinated by the variety of colours and patterns of fabrics. I started to use what I found in my mum’s rug bag, later enjoyed browsing in fabric shops. That’s how my bed cover got bigger and bigger.

Later I found the techniques and styles overwhelming. Everyone can find their favourites. Country life is especially close to my heart, a great source of inspiration to me but many times I just come across a fabric and an idea is born in my head.

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