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Margaret Simmons Home Crafts Workshop

Theme night announcement

Margaret Simmons is from Eastfield and grew up in Northampton. She took up cross-stitch about 20 years ago and has been busy creating pictures and cards ever since. Most of Margaret’s work is given away to friends and family as gifts and so is enjoyed by many people. Some of the work on display is by Margaret’s family and friends.

FRIDAY 3 FEBRUARY 7.15PM – 9.30pm

Jesus Centre Northampton, The Circle Cafe

To launch Margaret’s exhibition of cross stitch we’re holding a home crafts workshop for anyone to come along and have a go or just watch. Home crafts such as knitting, crochet, embroidery, card making etc. So come along and have fun. Refreshments available.

t: 0845 166 8202 f: 0845 166 8203 • e:


Scrap & Yap Papercraft

Meet friends, get creative and have lots of fun along the way at the Scrap & Yap Papercraft club!

This article is reproduced by kind permission of ‘Quick cards made Easy‘ magazine, where it recently featured as club of the month.

Set up in 2007, the Scrap & Yap Papercraft club soon made a name for itself as a great place to get together for a friendly craft session. Susan Finch Noyes, who started the club with her friend, Sarah, explains: “We wanted to meet like-minded people and share our skills and stash. We started as a scrapbooking group, but found more and more people wanted to make cards. Now we mainly focus on card making, with some scrapbooking mixed in!”

The club meet on the last Friday of each month from 10.30am-1pm and there are anything between six and 15 members at each session. It costs £2 to attend, which includes all materials. “Every session, myself or Sarah will demonstrate a technique like stamping, quilling and embossing, or we’ll make a card based on a theme like men’s cards or animals. Then it’s eyes down and off we go! Often we use Quick Cards as inspiration – we recently had a go at making the 3D fold-out flower cards from Issue 90, which we really enjoyed,” says Susan.

Example scrapbook entryThrough their shared love of craft, members have become firm friends. “Occasionally, we’ll have a meal together after the meeting. Friendships have flourished outside the club, too. Margaret, a member who lives on a narrowboat and knows a lot about being tidy in a small space, has bravely taken on the task of helping Sarah become tidier!” Susan laughs. “Margaret is now fondly known as the bedroom inspector and visits Sarah once a week to encourage her!”

The club also welcomes new members with open arms, as Susan explains: “One of the best things is watching beginners develop and gain confidence. One member, Jill, recently finished a scrapbook album for her daughter who’s getting married, and another, Linda, made an album for her daughter who has Cerebral Palsy. New members quickly settle in because the club is very friendly and relaxed, and everyone is so welcoming.”

Find out more: If you’d like to join the Scrap & Yap Papercraft club, call Susan on 07772901535 or Sarah on 07833 737851 or email them at

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