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December’s Circle Café Art


Continuing the Jesus Centre Circle Cafe’s well established practice of hosting interesting artwork from local artists December sees an installation from Esther Ross.

Résumé from the artist

The particular project on show was part of last year’s A-Level exam project entitled ‘Elderly People’. My aim in the project was to explore more than just portraiture but the life stories, experiences and thoughts of some of our ‘elderly people’ to understand where their place in society is and why it isn’t more prominent.

I was inspired by a newspaper article written by the former Government Voice of Older People entitled ‘Who Cares?‘ who likened poverty, isolation, discrimination, injustice and neglect to the five evil giant that William Beveridge laid out in the 1942 plan for national social insurance.

The shocking way that ageing people are treated in society was a main issue I wanted to raise in my work, alongside showing the importance of their wisdom and the value of their input.

In terms of technique, I worked mainly in oils and collected many reference images from different people’s pasts to incorporate into the artworks. I looked at using ceracole to transfer images to canvas to recreate the diaphanous and fading quality of memories in the background.

Why not pop into the Circle Café for a coffee and to browse the whole exhibition for yourself?


Socks – A Story of Hope

As part of a project for Faithworks Northampton this video tells one story of hope – Sid Elliot’s journey from desperate homelessness & addiction to faith and freedom through the work of the Northampton Jesus Centre.

This is how socks changed a life.

Divorce Recovery

An estranged couple sitting at seperate ends of a bench‘Compassion in action’ is the slogan of the Jesus Centre initiative, compassion for every kind of person, with every kind of need. For some people divorce can be one of the most stressful things that life throws at them, but the support of understanding friends can make a world of difference.

This is why Janet Burling, after appreciating the support of friends throughout her own divorce decided to start a group to offer the same kind of support to other people who are or have suffered from divorce or separation.

Divorce Recovery meets at the Northampton Jesus Centre on Wednesdays from 7.15pm-9.15pm, using ‘Divorce Care’ resources. Find help, discover hope, experience healing.

Calling Creative Connoisseurs

Are you a creative crayon connoisseur?  A watercolour wonder-worker? Or even just a budding berol beginner?

The Jesus Centre Art Group meets every Friday morning 10:30-12:30pm. Come and express your creativity and learn art skills. For details email Catriona or check out the Facebook group page or the Facebook event page.

Coloured pencils

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